Assignment details

Location: Huonville 7109

Region: Southern

State: Tasmania

Duration: 152 days

Dates: 03-Feb-2019 - 04-Jul-2019

Requirements: We have two small dogs and a very fat cat.

Our house is three bedrooms and two bathrooms with off street parking.

Our pets are house trained and all sleep inside. Both dogs are very friendly and enjoy being around you when you are home. We are situated approx. two Kilometers from the town centre where there are several restaurants and supermarkets. We are in a semi rural area 40kms. south of Hobart. Sorry to the people who have replied to this assignment as the dates shown were completely incorrect. Some sought of gremlin in the system. Above dates may alter slightly

dependant on air flights. It would appear that the gremlin is still there dates are

6/4/18 to 20/5/18.

Sorry, this assignment has been closed.