• Suburb : Shailer Park 4128
  • Region : Brisbane
  • State : Queensland
  • Duration : 53 days
  • Arrive : 09-Mar-2020
  • Depart : 30-Apr-2020
  • Pet care required : Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Birds
  • Special features :
  • Location : Public Transport, Supermarket, Restaurants


This property is over half an acre of land, in a quiet area on top of a hill, with breezes and views. The house is large, with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, large open plan lounge area, outdoors areas and a swimming pool.

My family consists of 2 dogs, one cat and 11 rescue chickens, that require someone to look after and care for them.

1. The dogs, a Shitzu/maltese, named Tom-Boy, and the Border Terrier named Sandy and 11 years and 6 years respectively. They are used to walking daily, having 2 meals a day, and sleeping in my room. However, if the house sitter does not bond with them, they can sleep in my office as well. They both need obviously, someone to actually spend time with them and relate to them, with pats and some TLC. They need to be bathed fortnightly and it is easy at the local Pet Barn in the hydrobath. which I will leave you money for.

2. Cat is called Coby. a rescue who has been with me for just over 2 years, and is about 7 years old, according to RSPCA. He is affectionate, likes 2 meals a day, sleeps a lot, and needs to be kept in at night when you go to bed. Coby has also been sleeping in my room, but if not, he sleeps in the laundry.

3. The rescue chickens are various ages, and have been with me several years. I run a rescue service for chickens and they are not culled but allowed to retire here. You also get organic fresh eggs daily which taste better than any I have tasted! They have a large coop that needs cleaning fortnightly, which means sweeping it out and washing the floor and putting the waste into the compost bin. The hens are let out in the morning, by the sitter who is required to clean the water containers and fill with fresh water and make sure the feed containers are ok.

In the evening, the hens put themselves to bed and it is necessary to do a head count that no one is missing, and close the doors.

4. The swimming pool leaf catcher needs to be checked and emptied regularly. A back wash done weekly and a sample of water taken to the local pool shop weekly or so, depending on the weather, to check the chemicals are balanced.

5. A house sit longer than 3 weeks, may require the yard to be mowed and I have a mower in the shed.

6. The pot plants, inside the house and outside, needs to be watered. The veggie garden may need watering , depending on the weather of course.

7. Of course, the house needs to be kept clean.

8. Only the house sitter is to stay here overnight.

9. There is no smoking in the house at all.

10. Items are not to be moved, not furniture, not ornaments, not books taken off shelves and dumped on the floor.

11. It would be appreciated, if the sitter can send me a quick update daily with a photo. It only takes 5 seconds on the mobile phone and it is most reassuring for me and helps me not miss the pets so much.

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