Assignment details

Location: Howrah 7018

Region: Greater Hobart

State: Tasmania

Duration: 29 days

Dates: 29-Aug-2019 - 26-Sep-2019

Requirements: We require a house and pet sitter who "gets" cats, in Howrah, a suburb of Hobart, on the Eastern Shore from Thursday 29 August to Thursday 26th Sept 2019. We have a comfortable home, close to city centre (15 min drive), beach (10 min walk), shopping facilities, public transport, quiet area. We have a lovely rag doll cat called Marni, who loves human contact but can be quite needy. Definitely needs someone home at night time to reassure him. If you think you fit the bill, please contact us.

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Dining Room
Lounge Rom
Lounge Room
Lounge Room