Assignment details

Location: Woolloongabba 4102

Region: Brisbane

State: Queensland

Duration: 9 days

Dates: 13-Jul-2019 - 21-Jul-2019

Requirements: In our apartment we have 2 cats that require you to wait on them hand and foot. One will love you if you inject a feeding tube into him and the other just wants to be pat and always within sight. Other than the cats we have a few plants on our balcony that i am trying reallllyy hard to keep alive but...they all seem to eventually turn brown. So all we are looking for is someone to bow down to the mighty cats, water the plants and keep the apartment clean for a week 😊 we have used this service before and i didnt like what i came home to so we are approaching this in a slightly more picky way.

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PJ is the one who may look like a cat but is def part dog.
Theodore think he needs a constant supply of food...we try not to fat shame him.