Assignment details

Location: Traralgon East 3844

Region: Gippsland

State: Victoria

Duration: 64 days

Dates: 26-Nov-2017 - 28-Jan-2018

Requirements: We live on a 5 acre property just outside Traralgon, Victoria. We have 3 dogs that love to be run twice a day at least. They are all rescue dogs; 1(male lab x "Boz") is around 11yo - but thinks he is 2; 1 is 4 yo(bitch, red heeler x "Turtle")and the last one is 3 yo (bitch collie x "Maggie") There is no need to leave the property to exercise them. As long as you can use a ball chucker then they will be happy.

They are house trained and sleep in a shed at night - otherwise they will bark at the possums and keep everyone awake. There is a secure area for them to be kept in during the day. There is a garden to look after but if you can drive a ride on mower and use a whipper snipper you will be fine. Our son will be home periodically, he works 7 on/7 off. On his week off, if he comes to Traralgon, he will get home late on the Wed and leave on the following Mon or Tue so you will be free of duties if you want to get away for a few days break.

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Our three waiting for their morning run.
Our home.