Assignment details

Location: Karalee 4306

Region: Brisbane

State: Queensland

Duration: 7 days

Dates: 21-Dec-2018 - 27-Dec-2018

Requirements: House: We live in a 5-bedroom modern house on a 2 acres property that directly leads to the Brisbane River. The housesitter is welcomed to enjoy the house and fishing/picnicking in the Brisbane River from our backyard. Very quiet and peaceful area. Access to shops that are 8 km away.

Pets: 2 dogs - a Standard Poodle and Staffy Cross. Require little maintenance. Friendly, lovable dogs.

Jobs to do:

- Let dogs out in the morning.

- Fill dog food and water.

- Bring dogs into the house in the evenings.

- Walk dogs once every 3-4 days.

- Water plants.

- Cleaning after yourself.

- Bring bins in and out on Bin Day.


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