Assignment details

Location: Westbury 7303

Region: Northern

State: Tasmania

Duration: 17 days

Dates: 20-Apr-2019 - 06-May-2019

Requirements: Wanted! Cat person.

I have 3 cats which I'd prefer to be kept in their own home rather than cooped up in a boarding place. They aren't fond of men and don't like children! The younger one is quite timid with strangers but the older one is very friendly. Need someone who LOVES cats. My back garden is enclosed and cat proofed so they cannot escape but are able to enjoy being outside.

My home is a little unit in a village in northern Tasmania between Launceston and Devonport. A lovely place to explore and beautiful in the autumn which is when I will be away. All other amenities are available, and my home is comfortable and warm in the cooler months.

Sorry, this assignment has been closed.

Blossom showing Jasper who's boss!
Rory - 6 months old here.