Assignment details

Location: Oxley 4075

Region: Brisbane

State: Queensland

Duration: 16 days

Dates: 07-Apr-2019 - 22-Apr-2019

Requirements: We're looking for some people to take care of our townhouse (and cats) while we get away for a wee while.

Animals: Two tabby cats, both are relatively well behaved (within reason for cats), calm and easy to care for. They're used to us being away for short periods of time and have been looked after by friends/family before for our longer trips. Out and about during the day but are inside every evening. Low maintenance, they just like having someone to talk to.

Property: New three bedroom, 2.5 half bath townhouse with a wee garden out front to look after. Relatively easy upkeep - garden will need some watering during the hot Christmas time but that'll be about it. Property has air-conditioning to keep you cool, wifi and all the regular appliances.

Ideally the cats and house would suit an older couple looking to spend some time in Brisbane, the cats do better with older men (just ask my father) then the younger generation. The house is well located and easily accessible for shops, highways, public transport etc. but is in a quiet area.

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