Assignment details

Location: Banyo 4014

Region: Brisbane

State: Queensland

Duration: 42 days

Dates: 20-Jul-2019 - 30-Aug-2019

Requirements: Hi ALL

Require a cat/house sitter for 6 weeks.

Really what were looking for is someone to be around for the 6 weeks were away - for both house security and to feed the cats. The cats are easy going and we don't need daily photos. They can look after themselves. - one cat loves to sleep all day and is a very homely cat. the other is a bit of a roamer - although he has been home for the last week.. He looks after himself and were happy to let him wander off. It would not be unusual for us not to see him for a few days. Both are very placid animals. If you need to go away for a few nights in that time - that's fine - you can just leave them biscuits and water.

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