• Suburb : Greenslopes 4120
  • Region : Brisbane
  • State : Queensland
  • Duration : 22 days
  • Arrive : 07-Oct-2019
  • Depart : 28-Oct-2019
  • Pet care required : Cats
  • Special features : No Garden Care
  • Location : Public Transport, Supermarket, Restaurants


We have 2 beautiful cats, Rad & Epic. They are the light of our lives and although we are excited to be taking a vacation, this will be the longest we've been apart from them. The house mainly keeps itself really, however there will be a strong focus on security as our pets safety is paramount to us. They are indoor cats!

The house:

We have a spare bedroom which will be your room. It is carpeted, has a built-in wardrobe, a queen bed with linen, a huge window, and side table. Importantly, this is also our cats 'safe' space, so locking them out of this room while you're in it will cause them stress! The bathroom has a shower + bath. The kitchen has all necessary facilities, including a little Breville coffee machine and dishwasher. We have a large outdoor patio area and small front balcony. Scattered around are many plants, all of which will require some TLC while we're away. Because we own animals, vacuuming will be required weekly to ensure good hygiene. We will do a thorough clean before your stay so you're comfortable, and coming home to a tidy house would also be great! We have a neighbourhood cat who visits us daily, and we sometimes feed him as he appears to be quite neglected. Once we meet with you, there are other particulars to run through with you regards to doors/windows etc.

The area:

Greenslopes is pretty lovely actually. Public transport is about a 10minute walk away, which is right outside a shopping centre with Coles/BWS/etc etc. We have pretty quiet neighbours, and the street itself is well off the main road.

We require a person who:

* Will not bring anyone else into the house as this will likely affect our oldest cat who is anxious, and already acts out.

* Is available to spend a good chunk of time in the house - Be there for mornings, and home at a reasonable time in the day. We never leave Rad and Epic alone overnight, and this is one of our most strict rules.

* Understands cat behaviour and has emotional attention to provide them.

* Respects that every room is to remain available for Rad and Epic. This is their space, and their home. The spare bedroom is their 'safe' space (in storms, when there's thunder) therefore they must have access to your room.

* Will act promptly if there are any emergencies regarding the animals health, in getting to a vet.

* Can provide references of previous house sitting stints.

* Is available for the entire stay.

* Respects our house rules of - no drugs, no excessive alcohol.

* Will absolutely not bring any other animals in to the house, or even outside.

* Will take the bins in and out.

Regarding the maintenance of Rad and Epic, they require:

* Litter scooping as much as needed. Morning, and in evenings.

* Feeding and sticking to dietary/portion requirements.

* Water bowls kept full and refreshed when needed.

* Attention, play time, affection, a routine.

Our youngest cat, Epic (ragdoll/siamese):

Is super affectionate, playful, cheeky and often demanding of attention. Play time with Epic is critical! She has toys galore and will likely want to sleep with you during the night. She loves a brush, and will let you know by jumping up onto the bathroom sink while you're getting ready.

Our older cat Rad (tabby/moggie):

Is his own cat. Rad did not have a great childhood (he is a rescue) so he is quite vocal when he's had enough. He likes to keep to himself, however he has his fave spots and will rarely budge from the foot of the couch. He can be aggressive, however this only occurs for people who can't read cat body language. Pats on the head are A-ok! Anywhere else and he will let you know how he feels about it. In saying this, he is actually super sensitive, and extremely chatty when I've had a big day at work and enter the house.

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