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Location: Tamborine 4270

Region: Brisbane

State: Queensland

Duration: 5 days

Dates: 03-Jan-2019 - 07-Jan-2019

Requirements: We have our two little grand puppies, Jack and Mabel that stay inside most of the time with our cat scruff, then the boys that are outside, they stay in the courtyard at night or any time no one is home but when home they are let out to run, We also have a cat, Latie who comes and goes as he pleases but I like to have him in the house when I'm at work. We also have a turtle

If you want you are more then welcome to come a day early and get to know our fury family and have a bbq with us the night before

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Little Mabel Our grandpuppy
Latie Our man of the house
Our boys Teddy and Max They are brothers and just turned one
Max Just cooling down
We have a pool
Little Jackson having a sleep
Our two cats Latie and scruff
Jackson and Mabel
Teddy He’s such a well behaved boy