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Location: Springfield Lakes 4300

Region: Brisbane

State: Queensland

Duration: 115 days

Dates: 29-Aug-2018 - 22-Dec-2018

Requirements: We have two small dogs and two huge cats! Our dogs are an 11 year old female Maltese X Jack Russell and an 18mth old male miniature dachshund. Our cats are an 18mth old male and an 18mth old female, both Maine Coons. Our home is well set up for the security and care for our pets with both sides of the house accessible via pet doors and netted professionally with CatNets so they can go outside without getting away. There are not cat litters to clean as the cats go outside into the netted garden. Feeding is easy for all animals and takes only minutes each day - dogs get dry food once a day in the evening and cats dry food is via continuous feeder which just needs monitoring to ensure it's full, plus there are numerous water bowls to monitor to ensure they're full also. That's it. None of the pets is aggressive, but the 18mth old dachshund has become a tad protective and barks at strangers and avoids them for a while. The female dog might bark on your arrival, but once she sees we're ok, she's very friendly. The female cat is standoffish and you can expect to have her lurking around corners and hiding under furniture. The male cat is the exact opposite and will likely jump on your lap for a cuddle. We are planning a much longer holiday in 2019 and thought we might use this week as a trial to see how it all goes. Our home is a lovely modern four bedroom home, with ensuite to main bedroom. We are adjacent to a nature reserve and park with free tennis court, and just three minutes drive to a large shopping centre, library and huge lagoon style swimming pool. The local railway station accessing the city is also just next to the shopping centre. Looking forward to hearing from you and many thanks.

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