Assignment details

Location: Kyneton 3444

Region: Loddon

State: Victoria

Duration: 14 days

Dates: 14-Oct-2018 - 27-Oct-2018

Requirements: Our home is on approx. 7 acres outside Kyneton. Kyneton is a great little town with a very vibrant cafe culture and interesting antique and art shops. There are the Botanic Gardens to wander through, a beautiful river walk to undertake and lots of interesting places to go close by.

There are two horses who will need feeding once a day (preferably in the evening); a small flock of 8 geese, who come up to the house and will preferably be locked up for the night and let out again in the morning with some grain to keep them happy; a 19-year-old Burmese cat who loves a warm spot in the house and snuggles in bed at night.

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