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Location: Sandgate 4017

Region: Brisbane

State: Queensland

Duration: 36 days

Dates: 20-Dec-2019 - 24-Jan-2020

Requirements: Our home: We live in a pleasant Queenslander with glimpses of Moreton Bay. The water is 5 minutes walk away. Our house sitters will stay in our air-conditioned guest bedroom with ensuite. We've a recently renovated new kitchen and a pleasant deck to enjoy the sun and breeze.

Our dog: MiniMax is a terrier mix. We adopted her in March and we are still ironing out a few issues. She is great at home – affectionate, well-behaved – but can provide challenges on her walk as she is quite reactive to other dogs. As she is small she is easy to manage, but walks in busy areas can be a bit stressful. We manage this problem with plenty of useful strategies which we can share.

Our garden: We are planting some new beds and a new vegetarian patch which may require a water a couple of times a week.

The area: Sandgate is a beautiful, bayside suburb of Brisbane. People come here to spend the day and on weekends the waterfront is busy with people cycling, walking and picnicking. There is a coffee shop 1 minute away, Sandgate and Brighton are both a 5 minute drive. There are two great little bars in Sandgate, perfect for a walk with a beer at the end of it.

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Our front deck.
Mini Max our little dog.
Our new kitchen with views to the Bay.