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Location: Everton Hills 4053

Region: Brisbane

State: Queensland

Duration: 25 days

Dates: 18-Apr-2019 - 12-May-2019

Requirements: Im looking for someone to look after our two storey home in Everton Hills, it has duel living with a 3 bedroom apartment downstairs and 2 bedroom house upstairs. Currently joined with an internal staircase but will be divided by a door. It may be a case of the upstairs may be rented at the time depending if i find tenants.

If it is not rented then there it will be the two bedroom house upstairs you would be staying in. If it is rented then you would be staying in my 3 bedroom apartment downstairs.

I have a well behaved, well trained passive medium sized dog called Tilly. She is allowed in the house but not bedrooms or on any furniture, she knows the rules but likes to push them too..

There is a pool but is fairly low maintenance, i get a lot of leaves so the skimmer needs emptying every couple of days.

We have several shopping centres within a 5 min drive, public transport is available at the top of my street with a bus stop and train less then 5 mins drive also. Its quite a leafy bush area with lots of birds and some wildlife also.

We have three chooks that with a fed of scraps and grain every day will usually provide you with 3 eggs a day.

We will be going on an outback tour for the month so will be reachable as we get phone service.

Thank you for your interest and look forward to meeting soon.

Jason and Heather

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