Assignment details

Location: Devonport 7310

Region: Mersey-Lyell

State: Tasmania

Duration: 15 days

Dates: 03-Nov-2018 - 17-Nov-2018

Requirements: I have a sunny 3 bedroom house 10 mins walk to the beach and 15 to the river, town and shops. I have an aged poodle/jack russell cross (17yo) who has impaired hearing and sight, but is still quite active and very social and just wants someone to spend some time with him. He doesn't do long walks anymore but is happy for short strolls. He is no trouble. The backyard is fully enclosed and there are dog doors. He has an easy diet. Full internet and netflix.

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Hi I'm Obie. My hobbies include watching people eat,naps, looking out the window, and snuggling in front of the fire.