Assignment details

Location: Upper Kedron 4055

Region: Brisbane

State: Queensland

Duration: 20 days

Dates: 19-Dec-2018 - 07-Jan-2019

Requirements: Our home is situated in a quiet street. It is single level 4 bed 2 bath home with a remote garage that will be accessible. We have air conditioning in the living areas of the house and also main bedroom. The home is strictly no smoking indoors.

The area is very quiet and It is hard to believe at times that we really are living in the city.

There is access to a bus service within walking distance and a train station within a 5 minute drive if you want to leave the car at home and explore Brisbane city. There is also supermarkets within 5-10 mins drive and a larger shopping centre within 15 mins drive.

We are looking for a house sitter to stay in our home while we travel interstate for our first Christmas without our dad/ grandpa. We have 2 small older dogs, Arnie and Minnie,who are mostly outside during the day but sleep inside overnight. The older dog has medication twice a day but he it is very easy to administer in a bit of food. We also have 2 Burmese cats, Hershey and Bravey, who are totally indoor cats. They generally sleep a lot of the time. We also have pants that need to be watered daily if the weather is warm

While our pets would love someone to be home for company they are use to us being at work/ school during the day and like the creature comforts of home if an evening. Are this is our pets home we would not wish to have any other pets in our home, so please don’t be offended if we decline this request.

Thank you and look forward to speaking with you soon.

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This is Minnie and Bravey loving the sun.