Assignment details

Location: Kennington 3550

Region: Loddon

State: Victoria

Duration: 21 days

Dates: 06-May-2018 - 26-May-2018

Requirements: The main responsibility would be to feed and walk 3 dogs; a border collie (3 yo), a brittany spaniel (12 yo) and a heeler X (13 yo). They are inside dogs, very friendly and easy. There are also 3 chooks to feed and water (free eggs though), some goldfish to feed and a small veggie garden to water when required.

Bendigo is an attractive, lively and interesting city. Our house is about 3km from the town centre. The house is largish and would need to be kept clean and tidy. We have a swimming pool (too cold in May though), a 3/4 size pool table and big TV with Netflix and plenty of DVD's to keep you entertained.

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3/4 size pool table
The bedroom
Texas and Cami