Assignment details

Location: Scarborough 4020

Region: Brisbane

State: Queensland

Duration: 35 days

Dates: 08-Jun-2019 - 12-Jul-2019

Requirements: We are looking for a capable, handy couple who are keen for a seaside getaway for 1 month. We are keen to find someone who likes and understands cats and won't mind taking very good care of our gorgeous but cranky and elderly persian chinchilla. He is a little bit of a handfull and is at the stage where walking is difficult. He sleeps most of the day but is in need of care and attention (when he feels like it). We have a large 2 level house with views of the ocean on 2 sides. We have a pool which is mostly automated but occasionally needs to be checked and chlorine added. There are 2 large outdoor entertainment areas and a huge living room / gourmet kitchen with views over the water to the mountains in the distance. We have secure off-street parking with room for a caravan. Come and enjoy the best time of year in warm sunny Queensland and make the most of all that the Moreton Bay Region has to offer.

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Wembly our 17 yr old cat who mostly sleeps.
Sunset from the front balcony about 2 weeks ago. A beautiful time of year in Queensland!