• Region : Brisbane
  • State : Queensland
  • Duration : 7 days
  • Arrive : 11-Apr-2024
  • Depart : 17-Apr-2024
  • Pet care required : Dogs
  • Special features : No Garden Care
  • Location : Public Transport, Supermarket, Restaurants



Reaching out as my husband and I are going overseas (New Zealand) from 11 April to 17 April and we are looking for a reliable pet sitter to look after our two dogs in our home.

A little bit about the house:

We have a beautiful 4-bedroom home (2 furnished bedrooms and 2 studies) with full amenities (aircon, wifi and access to streaming services).

We have a car you are welcome to use (as long as you have a licence) if you wish to get yourself around or take the dogs somewhere.

We live close to shops (shopping centre and strip mall).

A bit about the doggos:

We also have two full-on but full-of-love dogs who we adore.

One medium-sized dog named Luffy who is a Husky X Labrador (currently 2 years old).

One big dog named Ace who is a Chocolate Labrador (currently 3 years old).

Both dogs are (reasonably) well behaved.

They are used to having owners that both work full time so they are happy to be outside in the yard (fully fenced, digging-proof with plenty of toys).

Our usual routine: I walk the dogs on my own each morning and evening (two walks a day, around 30-45 mins each). I manage this without too much trouble (although we do usually go early + later).

We wouldn’t expect a house sitter to walk them twice a day (although this would be great) but one walk a day will be needed otherwise they will have trouble settling to sleep at night.

(Note: We don’t take them to dog parks.)

Luffy is a beautiful dog but a little scared of loud noises and bikes, children etc. He is also a bit reactive to other dogs on a walk – we often just cross the road or move to the side to let others pass. By doing this, Luffy most of the time has no issues however he may bark or pull.

The neighbourhood is fairly quiet so we only see two or three other dogs on walks anyway.

More than happy to show you the routes we usually walk.

Ace is a good boy, but he’s a chocolate labrador so he is very very excitable. He get especially excited anytime we leave the house, anytime we come home, anytime someone is around. He loves his people and will most likely want to be near you when you’re home.

The boys together get into a little bit of mischief. But are happy enough together.

Food for the dogs will be provided – it should be noted Ace will eat anything and everything so watch your snacks closely. Luffy is fussier than any dog I’ve ever met so there will certainly be times during your sit he won’t eat his food. Its ok, we’ll leave his fav snacks and if that’s all he eats that’s fine.

They are outside dogs during the day and sleep inside in their own gated area at night. They usually whine around 6:30-7am if you’re not out of bed.

Otherwise, happy to answer any other questions about the house or the dogs,

Look forward to chatting,


Ash and Bran

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