Assignment details

Location: Stafford Heights 4053

Region: Brisbane

State: Queensland

Duration: 13 days

Dates: 23-Dec-2018 - 04-Jan-2019

Requirements: HI - we have two dogs, Bert who is a beagle/cavalier, age 7 and a half and Marley who is a great dane/staffy cross, age 3 yrs in Dec. They seem to have the run of the house - lol, they are well behaved, love pats and walks and treats. They play well together though sometimes it looks a little rough.

The house is two level with a spa and a swimming pool, on a busy street and the house is fully fenced. Close to Chermside shoppomg Centre and close to supermarkets - just down the road.

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Bert getting some sun
Marley on the day bed