Assignment details

Location: Clayfield 4011

Region: Brisbane

State: Queensland

Duration: 8 days

Dates: 18-Nov-2018 - 25-Nov-2018

Requirements: I have a lovable little toy poodle, female 16yo. You will need to love having her sleep in your bed with you! She also needs gel applied to both eyes every other day (it's quite easy). Other than that she's no trouble, doesn't need walking, just wants to be with you all day (so you need to work from home or be retired) tho' she's happy to cuddle in her basket on the chair next to you if you work from home - I have a fabulous big desk! You will also be sharing my spacious 2BR townhouse with a lovely young couple who both work full time - and when they're home will share the load of looking after Poppi :)

I need you to be able to check in quite early on my departure date, ie, 8am, so I have time for a handover before heading off to the airport. Look fwd to hearing from lots of dog lovers soon!

Sorry, this assignment has been closed.

Poppi 2018