• Suburb : North Lakes 4509
  • Region : Brisbane
  • State : Queensland
  • Duration : 153 days
  • Arrive : 18-Aug-2019
  • Depart : 18-Jan-2020
  • Pet care required :
  • Special features :
  • Location :


We live in a beautiful 4 bed, 3 bath home with reasonably large suburban yard. It is opposite a beautiful lake - great for walks and is also walking distance to shops, medical etc.

We primarily require someone who is home most of the time to keep our maremma sheepdog company as she can bark if not allowed inside and kept company/ checked on. She is otherwise a delightful dog who enjoys sleeping beside you wherever you are in the house. She doesn’t require daily walks - every other day is fine with her (although she’d love more if you have the energy, I’m sure.) If you don’t know about the breed - they are exceptionally gentle to those they love and have a massive bark to ward off potential threats but Nanny is not aggressive towards people or dogs in her home. Nanny sleeps inside and has free run of the house but doesn’t get on the furniture. She can be lead aggressive towards other dogs when out walking so you need to be prepared to walk her outside of peak times (after 9am and before 3pm in winter or around dawn/after dusk in summer so that it is a relaxed time for her and you. (Just giving you the full picture.) she was a rescue dog when we got her 5 years ago and whilst she has calmed and settled in so many ways there is clearly a past history there that we can’t completely overcome.

We are going away initially for 10 weeks from the 19th August then are back in the country for about 6 weeks in late October to early December before going away for a further 5 week period to the start of January. However, when we are back in the country we will not be at the house much as we are travelling to Sydney, Melbourne and perhaps Adelaide....so during those weeks we will be coming and going a fair bit. It would be unfair to Nanny (the dog) to keep changing the people around her so we hope that we’ll find people who won’t mind us coming and going during that brief period. We’ve done something similar before with no issues with a retired couple so hope to find the same ease again.

During your stay you will need to mow the grass with our mower and generally keep up with cleaning floors/bathrooms etc as you use them. we’d also appreciate you doing things like starting the cars occasionally so batteries don’t die etc.

Many thanks for reading this far and looking forward to hearing from you.

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