Assignment details

Location: Castlemaine 3450

Region: Loddon

State: Victoria

Duration: 23 days

Dates: 21-Aug-2018 - 12-Sep-2018

Requirements: **well paid pet sitting job** We have 2 dogs but one may stay at mums and we have an FIV cat. He’s totally healthy but under no circumstances can he be let outside. This is vital as he’s a risk to other cats. We need someone who is responsible and experienced with cats that will make sure to watch the door when letting dogs out and make sure all doors are shut properly all the time. It’s also important to us that who ever is staying with them spends a lot of time here. Dogs like walking everyday and there is a beautiful walking track at the end of the street. But they are also ok with only being walked every couple of days as well (they are small, cuddly lap dogs). I have never left my animals with anyone but I am going to have to as my usual pet sitters (mum and sister) have a new dog and he and the cat don’t get along, I am going to be extremely fussy about who I allow to be with my animals. This has to be the right fit and honestly I would much rather pay someone, I don’t like the idea of trusting someone who does it for free. I would like a professional with references. Thank you.

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