Assignment details

Location: Kennington 3550

Region: Loddon

State: Victoria

Duration: 4 days

Dates: 05-Oct-2018 - 09-Oct-2018

Requirements: I would like a house and pet-sitter to care for my small, female (desexed), short-haired, tortoiseshell cat (Torty) and to water my smallish garden and hanging baskets.

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This is the viewfrom the dining table, looking onto the front garden. The house faces north so the lounge/dining kitchen area are light-filled.
The dining kitchen area of my home. There is a back garden with clothes line and seating area.
The lounge room looking towards the bedrooms.
One of the two bedrooms, with very comfortable queen-sized bed,
This photo shows the exterior of my home, a comfortable, verandahed, colonial-style unit in a spacious complex of nine in a lovely garden setting.
This is Torty, sleeping, her favourite occupation!