Assignment details

Location: Moolboolaman 4671

Region: Wide Bay-Burnett

State: Queensland

Duration: 11 days

Dates: 04-Mar-2019 - 14-Mar-2019

Requirements: I live in a rural town Gin Gin on 10 the Wide Bay Burnet. We have no very close neighbors but wildlife and birds. I have gardens but

the breeding of Basset Hounds at the time of leaving for this much earned break we will have 7 (seven) Bassets all live in kennels not far from the house except for one who lives in the house along with two indoor/outdoor cats. All need to be fed and given fresh water, the dogs twice a day, their bedding is aired in the morning. cats have biscuits that they access whenever. We have a neat 4 bedroom home, wifi, air -conditioners, tv, dish washer and front loader. The dogs can be quite boisterous but a firm voice works wonders. They have a silly time usually in the afternoon quite a sight.

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