Assignment details

Location: Wandi 6167

Region: Perth

State: Western Australia

Duration: 7 days

Dates: 22-Jan-2019 - 28-Jan-2019

Requirements: We have 2 medium sized dogs. One loves the ball thrown for her, the other loves to chase the one that gets the ball thrown for her. Both are very easygoing and friendly once they know you. The stay on the property and don't get walked as we have lots of space for them to run around anyway. They just require the ball to be thrown a few times a day and they are exercised and happy. We also have 2 horses that don't need a lot of attention. Every now and then some hay thrown over the fence and into the paddock, water checked every few days but otherwise they are self-sufficient in the paddock. We live on 5 acres about half hour out of Perth in a fairly quiet area. All the normal arrangements in a house, and just the dogs to look feed, exercise and give pats to, and the horses to throw hay to every day or so. You don't need to be experienced with horses and we prefer that you don't handle them at all. Everything is pretty easy to look after. Thanks

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