Assignment details

Location: Richardson 2905

Region: Canberra

State: Australian Capital Territory

Duration: 13 days

Dates: 21-Dec-2018 - 02-Jan-2019

Requirements: 3 bedroom one bath, we have the main bedroom and other two are used as a study and a sewing room. Large backyard but house and yard in general fairly low maintenance. Would just need plants to be watered mail collected and looking after two chickens Mabel and Molly and one Rat Martha who stay in her home most of the time but enjoys a run around the house and a cuddle. Her cage is quite easy to clean and only needs cleaning every 3-4days.

We don’t mind if you smoke just outside only, wifi included. Close to local shopping center with a Woolworths post office etc and an Iga just accross the parking lot of the school (2min walk).

Only a 20 min drive from the city and we are very close to the national park.

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