Assignment details

Location: Lane Cove 2066

Region: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Duration: 62 days

Dates: 30-Apr-2018 - 30-Jun-2018

Requirements: Care for one cat, 12 years old, temperamental rescued cat, possible he may need to be taken to the vet in any 2 month period; needs to be kept indoors except early morning and late afternoon/evening; kitty litter to be changed whenever used; clean up if he has furballs etc inside house; feed according to instructions as he needs particular dry foods. Let lawn mower man into yard about fortnightly. Water about 8 pot plants in front yard if needed. Keep premises safe and in same condition as found. Email owner in unlikely event any problems develop.

Exact dates not yet set as I still need to make travel bookings. Only sitters I've met and agree may stay in the house; no gatherings; no dogs as cat cannot tolerate them.

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