Assignment details

Location: Elwood 3184

Region: Melbourne

State: Victoria

Duration: 34 days

Dates: 08-Jun-2019 - 11-Jul-2019

Requirements: Hello - we have two dogs and two cats - all of whom get on very well together! We have a 16 year old kelpie blend (who will hopefully still be with us when we go away...) who at the time of writing still enjoys a visit to the beach. She is mostly blind and deaf but gets around really well! She will need eye drops twice daily. We also have a young border collie who needs lots of exercise and games - luckily we live very close to the beach as she loves to swim! The cats are contained within the property but can still enjoy the fresh air and playing in the garden without the dangers associated with roaming. We thought we had found someone to help us out at this time but unfortunately this has fallen through so are reopening the assignment.

Sorry, this assignment has been closed.