Assignment details

Location: Asquith 2077

Region: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Duration: 5 days

Dates: 17-Apr-2019 - 21-Apr-2019

Requirements: We have a beautiful little 3-bedroom house in a beautiful street in peaceful Asquith, 40 minutes from the Sydney CBD and close to beautiful national parks. The house is surrounded by a garden which mainly takes care of itself and does not need much care. We have 4 guinea pigs who live inside the house and are very snuggly and low maintenance. They love their treats, their hay and a cuddle and are very friendly guys. And we have Maggie, our 14 year old rescue dog, a little 4.5kg mini foxie who is a calm, kind and gentle soul. She is getting older and a little grumpy avoids younger kids that don't respect her boundaries. She does not like other dogs which must mainly stem from her months in the pound and though we are doing lots of positive training in regards to this, she will probably never warm up to them again. Which is fine because she loves her home, her sleep and her humans. Maggie is our main pet to sit as the neighbours are well trained helping out with the guineas and they really don't need much of a fuss, it's just important for all of them that the house is nice and cool on torching hot summer days as they are all very sensitive to heat. As Maggie is a little old and needs someone who can give her time to trust them.

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