• Suburb : Greensborough 3088
  • Region : Melbourne
  • State : Victoria
  • Duration : 57 days
  • Arrive : 02-Dec-2023
  • Depart : 27-Jan-2024
  • Pet care required :
  • Special features :
  • Location :



We are looking for someone to look after our place, dog Winter and 2 cats Chester and Jasmine for 2 months while we are away in New Zealand.

The home is a classic 1980s style home for the area in hilly Greensborough/Eltham. A good lcoation to get out to areas like Warrandyte and the surrounds. Intenret, nettflix, prime and disney plus included. The house has evep cooling in the main living areas and master bedroom.

As it will be summer we will have a few plants( 4-6 potted plants) that will need some watering to keep them happy. Otherwise the property is very low maintenance.

Chester and Jasmine are very easy to care for just requiring to have their food and water kept fresh. At night they might come and hang out with ou the livingg room or in bed once they get used to you.

Winter is our beautiful Staffy cross and only has 3 legs as she lost her back right leg due ot cancer. She will need some extra care as she cannot get down the stairs outside. This will only bee needed if the weather is hot or cold, if the weather is mild she tends to hang around in the back yard and opts to sleep in her kennel out there.

She does have a crate and bed inside she can use for really hot / cold days too. She is incontnent so if she does stay in her crate she needs to have hre bedding changes and washed at least daily

For walks with Winter it would be inportant that the person has experience with a medium - large dog that is strong - even with 3 Legs winter can still pull when she wants to. In saying this with her age and missing leg she only goes for very short walks these days so is pretty easy in this regards.

We look forward to hearing from anyone interested in house stiitng for us. We'd love to have a chat about the assignment and can go over winters needs and any other questions you might have.

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