• Suburb : TURILL 2850
  • Region : Central West
  • State : New South Wales
  • Duration : 3 days
  • Arrive : 26-Feb-2022
  • Depart : 28-Feb-2022
  • Pet care required : Dogs, Cats
  • Special features : Caravan Parking, No Garden Care
  • Location :


We are looking for the perfect animal lover who is not frightened to care for a old dog with many medical issues to come and stay at our farm and feed and care for our two small dogs (Pebbles & Dino) an indoor kitten (Smokey) and put feed out for Our two outdoor farm cats (Sylvester & Shadow). Our eldest dog Pebbles (aka:- Cherry, Sexy Kisser) is almost 14years old, she has been diagnosed with a collapsing trachea, she is also toothless, therefore she requires her meals (chicken) to be cut into very small pieces to prevent choking. She also has a luxating patella, which is not able to be operated on due to her trachea issues and age, this is minimized by a series of 3 arthritis injections, given by her vet, one week apart, however she will only have had one of these injections at the time of pet sitting. (even one makes a difference) Pebbles also has small seizures if she stresses, and of course she gets separation anxiety when left alone, however the seizures can be minimized by preventing her from scratching her right shoulder/neck vigorously (this is how they always start). Should she start fitting, we simply hold her righthand side to our chest and apply gentle pressure to her head/shoulder and rump (uncurling her) whilst reassuring her in a calm voice that she is ok. Due to her Trachea issues, small amounts of blood trickle down the back of Pebbles throat and this accumulates in her stomach eventually causing her to vomit the blood back up, this can be confronting when seen for the first time. After vomiting, Pebbles will try to drink lots of water, this will only result in her vomiting more, so she needs to be given restricted access to the water, only allowing a few laps of water every 15 minutes or so. If she vomits too much, her body temperature drops and she looses her appetite, it's at this point I give her a tiny amount of Manuka honey and syringe a few drops of water into her mouth, eventually she is able to hold it in. Will get the Vet to check her for diabetes when she gets her arthritis injection. Right that's the difficult one. Dino our other dog is two years old, overweight for sure (hubby gives him way too many treats), he is a friendly little chap who loves to bark warnings on a regular basis. He is a Pomchi, Pebbles is a mini Pomeranian. Dino helps Pebbles cope a little better! Smokey the kitten is around 4.5 months old, he can be crazy or snuggly, wants to go out with the farm cats, which we try to prevent, but sometimes he's too fast and gets out the door before it closes. He doesn't go far and the older cats look out for him if he stays out (He has stayed out twice now) however, he is at the door first thing in the morning, meowing to get in. The two dogs and kitten get fed twice a day and the farm cats get fed at night only.

We also have chickens, but these will be left with food and water. Our heavy horses, roam freely on our acreage and get their water from the dams. Our young colt is in a yard, he is not broken in so it's much easier for us to ensure he has enough food and water to see him through until our return, avoiding any accidents. So when do we need you? We will be leaving on the 26th Feb 2022 and returning on the 28th Feb 2022. We would like you to come here on the 25th Feb so that we can get you familiar with our pets and their routines. Pebbles sounds scarey to look after but I've tried to give a detailed history of her medical history, she is a very sweet little lady and when she is feeling good, she still jumps around like a puppy.

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