Assignment details

Location: Baranduda 3691

Region: Ovens-Murray

State: Victoria

Duration: 13 days

Dates: 19-May-2019 - 31-May-2019

Requirements: We have 2dogs Roses a geriatric Choc lab of 13 years and Jimmy the 4 year old Beagle

We also have 2 cats Leo a ginger and White 4 year old whom spends most time outside and Arnya the 15 week old Siamese kitten

We live in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home in Baranduda which is 10 minutes from Wodonga

We have Albury across the border

Baranduda is serviced by a bus week days twice daily

We are 20 minutes from Yackandah and 35 from Beechworth

An hours drive from the snow

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