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Location: Southbank 3006

Region: Melbourne

State: Victoria

Duration: 11 days

Dates: 14-Jul-2018 - 24-Jul-2018

Requirements: Hi

Our one bedroom apartment is located in Southbank, we have two long haired dachshunds in residence - Howie and Chester.

The apartment itself is very low maintenance and has everything you need. Just a few plants that need to be watered a couple of times a week. You will have access to wifi, Netflix, Foxtel, a gym and swimming pool.

Howie and Chester are both very lovable and adorable, they are both quite young (16 months and 10 months) so please expect some puppy antics. We take them outside 3 times a day and make one of those quite a big walk.

They are reasonably well behaved but sometimes Howie can be a bit bossy to Chester so he needs to be kept in line occasionally. Other than that they need to be fed twice a day and the more pats and cuddles the better - they will insist

We will be heading off on our holiday on Sunday 15 July in the afternoon and will return on Wednesday 25 July in the evening.

We would prefer someone that would be home with them a bit, so if you work part time or from home etc. that would be ideal.

Look forward to hearing from you

Sarah and Damien (and Howie and Chester)

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