Assignment details

Location: LEICHHARDT 2040

Region: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Duration: 13 days

Dates: 23-Dec-2015 - 04-Jan-2016

Requirements: We have a 2 bedroom semi in Leichhardt which is walking distance to the shops, bus, light rail and some lovely restaurants. The house has a deck which is lovely in the afternoon sun and a small backyard. There is access to wifi and Netflix.

I am looking for someone who doesn't have their own animals and would like to spend time with mine when I am away. I will be away over Christmas for about 10 days and also go away for the odd weekend.

We have a cat, Mr Jinx who is very independant and a 10 month old Cavoodle puppy, Reggie. They both need feeding in the morning and night, use a dog door so they can go out during the day and are locked in at night.

Reggie is likes to follow you around the house and needs a walk each day. While he is fine to be on his own when you are at work, he does love human company.

I am happy to continue to pay for the cleaner once a fortnight however the floor does need sweeping more often and would be appreciative if the plants could be watered from time to time.

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