Assignment details

Location: Wellard 6170

Region: Perth

State: Western Australia

Duration: 36 days

Dates: 15-Jun-2019 - 20-Jul-2019

Requirements: We live in a 3 bedroom house with a reasonable backyard and small vegetable patch. All gardens and lawn are self maintaining, so no work required, but you are welcome to dabble. We have just harvested a heap of pumpkins and you may wish to dig up some sweet potato while here. The strawberries never stop and at the moment the passionfruits are in full swing. Lettuce, capsicum and tommy tomatoes are also very sweet at the moment due to the warmer autumn. The house has a cleaner who visits once a week to clean the bathrooms, toilets, mop the floors and vacuum the carpets in the bedrooms. Internet and wifi are also available.

We are close to shops, the train station (less than 10 minute walk) and 15 minute drive to Rockingham beach and restaurants. Rockingham beach is a beautiful beach to walk along, and Kwinana beach, which is closer, has a dog beach. We spend may hours there playing with other peoples dogs; much to the disgust of our cat.

We are looking for a house sitter willing to look after one cat. At the moment she needs medication, but this can be in tablet form or a cream that is applied to the ear. Both options are available for you to choose from.

We are happy for people to start a week before and/or leave a week later, providing they do not mind house sharing with us during those extended weeks.

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