Assignment details

Location: Millner 0810

Region: Darwin

State: Northern Territory

Duration: 32 days

Dates: 21-Dec-2018 - 21-Jan-2019

Requirements: We are looking for a person to stay in our house between around December 21st until January 15-20 (flexible, to be confirmed) and feed & walk our dog; and be around the place to keep an eye (although there are no maintenance tasks required as such). The house is elevated and cool in quite breezy, open, very quiet & green location in Millner hill with its own pool.

It would be suitable for either experienced/mature house sitter(s) or on-going Darwin residents who will remain in Darwin for that entire period and is/are familiar with & adjusted to the climate. House is fully louvered with French doors (front and rear) and lots of privacy. Rear doors open unto full length veranda. Dog is very friendly, lives downstairs but needs to be walked every second day.

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back verandah angle #1
Back verandah angle #2
Indy, our mature blueheeler