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Location: Wattle Glen 3096

Region: Melbourne

State: Victoria

Duration: 21 days

Dates: 14-Dec-2018 - 03-Jan-2019

Requirements: We have booked a family XMAS holiday. Our three dogs mean the world to us, so we are looking for someone to take care of them in our house while we are away. Our dogs have full run of the house and stay inside a fenced one acre area during the day. Mainly sleep all day, but need to be walked morning and night.

We live on 20 acres in a greeen wedge, our house is two story 3 bedroom 3 bathroom and 4 living areas. Has been fully renovated, air-conditioned, modern kitchen and bathrooms, great TV room with big screen OLED TV, Netflix Foxtel Wifi etc. Huge balcony with BBQ area, basic pool and great views of the valley, plus friendly neighbours who you never see.

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Arthur Retriever 11 Jet Sheperd 10 and Manfred Staffy 9
TV Room
2nd Bathroom
Master Bedroom
Side balcony
Dining Room
Family Room