• Suburb : NORTHCOTE 3070
  • Region : Melbourne
  • State : Victoria
  • Duration : 28 days
  • Arrive : 14-Mar-2024
  • Depart : 10-Apr-2024
  • Pet care required : Dogs
  • Special features : Families Welcome
  • Location : Public Transport, Restaurants


We are looking for someone who can take care of our garden, and our two spoodles, while we are overseas.

The house

The house is an old bank house, built in 1927. It was last renovated in the 1980s, so it is comfortable enough, but not nothing fancy.

It has two bedrooms, and an office with a desk, chair, printer and bookcase (which you would be most welcome to use).

It is air-conditioned (including in the bedrooms), and also has a gas fire place in the event that it is cold. It has a fully equipped kitchen, dishwasher, washer and dryer and all the usual things you might find in a home.

There are about 50 house plants that would need a water once a week. I find this process meditative, but it does take about 40 minutes.

The house has a new garden that will need watering once a week (possibly more if is happens to be very hot). We tend to do this in the late evening - nothing complicated about it, but it does take about 45 minutes.

We have delightful neighbours who are around and happy to help if anything goes wrong.

The dogs

We have two spoodles - 4.5 year old Ollie, and 13 month old Harry.

Ollie is a lovely dog whose only real need in life is to be close to his people. He is well trained, and well behaved. He has two complications. The first is that he takes one tablet each night. This is an anxiety medication, and he needs to have it each day (they can get withdrawal symptoms if a tablet is missed). Administering it is easy - we just put it in a piece of cheese or chicken, and he eats it with no difficulty. The second is that he is reactive to other dogs after being attacked as a pup - despite all our efforts, he can’t be trained out of it. It means that he can’t have contact with other dogs (so no time off lead if other dogs are around). Ollie has a dog walker who comes three times a week - so he won’t need much from you in terms of exercise.

We walk Harry and Ollie each morning, but don’t expect you to do that - a few walks a week would be great.

Harry is an happy, energetic pup. He is more independent than Ollie and, being a pup, is more active. Harry doesn’t go out with the dog walker, so we tend to walk him when Ollie is with the dog walker so he doesn’t feel left out (though this is usually about 10am and we fully appreciate that work commitments might make this not possible). He has no special requirements, but he does take a while to warm up to a new person (we got him as a rescue).

Caring for the dogs does involve cooking some rice and chicken once a week.

The dogs can be left alone without any issues.

Happy to answer any questions you might have.

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