Assignment details

Location: Quakers Hill 2763

Region: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Duration: 15 days

Dates: 26-Dec-2018 - 09-Jan-2019

Requirements: Are you a cat lover....we have 2 beautiful, indoor only, burmese cats who need someone to love them while we are away. They require someone to stay over, not just come in to feed, as they like to chat and have pats and cuddles whenever they decide it's necessary. Also in our lovely 2 story home there is an outdoor entertainment area, complete with a bird aviary and koi pond, as well as a deck with a spa.

The birds require feeding and water changed once a week, and the fish require feeding every second day.

There is also an extensive garden which will need to be watered, how often depends on the weather. Some of the garden has a sprinkler system and some needs hand watering, again, depending on the weather.

If you think you could see yourself relaxing on the deck, in the spa watching the sunset while listening to the birds sing, we would love to hear from you :)

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