Assignment details

Location: Hazelbrook 2779

Region: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Duration: 36 days

Dates: 23-Dec-2018 - 27-Jan-2019

Requirements: 1 indoor only Abyssinian cat to be looked after. The home has 2 bedrooms plus office. It is 2 story and part of a duplex, about 2km from the train station. The home and garden are low maintenance, but I would like you to keep the garden tidy and the "Vegeypods" and pot plants watered, so that you can enjoy any ripe produce. The house is quite modest but comfortable, with a modern kitchen with dishwasher. The assignment will suit a single or couple only. Unlimited internet data and Australian phone calls and solar panels.

My cat is quite active but he has an enclosed outdoor space and a cat wheel to burn off extra energy. He is friendly, entertaining and loving.

If this type of sitting assignment would suit you I would love to talk.

Sorry, this assignment has been closed.

bush walk destination at the end of the street
Xan stretching on his supersized scratching pole