• Suburb : South Melbourne 3205
  • Region : Melbourne
  • State : Victoria
  • Duration : 19 days
  • Arrive : 02-Jun-2019
  • Depart : 20-Jun-2019
  • Pet care required :
  • Special features :
  • Location :


I’m the Queen cat Isabelle and I share my palace with another cat Calvin, two humans and a dog, Sam. The humans have decided to go overseas for two and a half weeks in June. Unfortunately, Calvin and I aren’t very good with a tin opener so we’re looking for an adult or two to take care of us and the dog in our home.

We live in a small townhouse in South Melbourne. We’ve got our own large balcony with a cat flap. But for you, the CBD is only ten minutes away via a tram. Albert Park lake and the Botanic gardens are only a short stroll away (5-10 minutes). It’s a really great location and our complex has a communal garden and lots of native shrubs, trees and birds. The kitchen is new, clean and modern with an induction hob and self-cleaning oven! No scrubbing required. Our place is a beautiful quiet space for you to enjoy.

Calvin & Isabelle

Both rescue cats are black, medium-haired, tiny and totally gorgeous. Calvin is nearly four years old and is very brave, although he finds new people a scary. He is very gentle and he loves to play his own games. He only likes one type of cat food and he prefers to eat alone. We will make sure the kitchen is well stocked.

Isabelle is two and doesn’t like to be picked up. She’s scared of electricians, wary of new people, but after a belly rub or two she is all yours and she will melt your heart. She’s less fussy when it comes to food and will eat a mixture of raw, tinned and biscuits.


I’m pretty sure if there was a ‘Cutest dog of the year’ award Sam would win it every year. Although he’s four he looks like a cute labrador puppy but he’s actually a Lab/Staffy cross. He loves food, walks, playing ball and sleeping on the sofa with the humans. (He’s not allowed on the bed)

He’s a rescue dog, so he has separation anxiety and strange noises can worry him. He loves to be with his humans and he needs two trips out a day. He has very good recall and loves his off-lead time but fortunately there's also a fully enclosed dog park just across the road where he loves to visit his other doggie pals and play ball. If you like walks around Albert Park lake, take Sam, he loves them. Although he likes sprinting, he’s not a fan of running on lead. He knows a few tricks and if he can focus, he can roll over and play dead.

During the weekends, his favourite other human might take him for a sleepover or just visit and take him for a walk to the beach.

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