Assignment details

Location: ANNANDALE 2038

Region: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Duration: 38 days

Dates: 07-Jul-2015 - 13-Aug-2015

Requirements: House: A lovely and cosy cottage that is situated 4 km from the CBD of Sydney in a very nice neighbourhood with a pleasant backyard. The house comes with one pet parrot, low maintenance flower bed and a small worm farm. Pet parrot: A cheeky male Eclectus called Erik. Erik loves his home and loves to fly around and explore the house with supervision. He has a large low-maintenance cage inside the house, the bottom paper of the cage needs to be changed daily and the cage to be washed once a week. Erik, being a very social animal, needs a lot of love and attention but at the same time he can spend hours on his own playing in his cage. He is a vegetable, sprout and fruit eater. He is a very healthy and happy animal. He has, however, recently developed a feather chewing habit which is very hard to beat, but we love him very much regardless of his scruffy looks. Erik is a foraging bird and as such, his foraging toys need to be filled with chopped vegetables, sprouts, fruit and pellets and hang in his cage where he spends time to fish out the food. The toys need to be cleaned daily. He loves spending time on one’s shoulder, walking with you around the house and exploring. He loves spending time with his human companions. He doesn’t have a preferred person and can quickly get used to any loving human being. He is well mannered and he only occasionally has a bit of a screech when he feels that he has been left alone or is threatened. Erik also needs to have a spray bath at least once a week. He is toilet trained and steps up easily on one’s hand on command and he also speaks (he will surely say bye-bye to you when you are leaving he house), and he will tell you that he loves you, too. Plants in two backyard flower bed need to be watered as necessary. The worms in a small backyard worm farm need to be fed every couple of days with the kitchen scraps (vegetable skins, fruit etc.) and it needs to be watered once a weak (the water drained from the worm farm can be used to water the garden). Rubbish bins need to be taken out for a weekly collection and mail collected.

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