Assignment details

Location: MOORE CREEK 2340

Region: Northern

State: New South Wales

Duration: 18 days

Dates: 26-Jan-2016 - 12-Feb-2016

Requirements: 16 acres hobby farm located less than 15 minutes to Tamworth CBD. Yard fully fenced. People often comment how peaceful it is at our home, it is like a park, lots of trees and views of the hills out back paddocks. 2 Horses, 1 pet sheep, chickens (fresh eggs) 2 indoor rabbits, 2 indoor cats and 6 dogs of various breeds and size. They are all very sookie and affectionate. The oldest is 18yrs old and is a papillon x. She will need special care as she has only one eye and her eye sight is limited and a little deaf. She would need to be picked up and carried outside to go to the toilet and a walk. She has just had neck surgery and is now no longer allowed to jump down steps. The vets describe her as one tough old girl, who recovered from a big surgery better than some dogs half her age. I do like my home kept clean and I would want the bathroom cleaned, toilet cleaned and general housekeeping. Collect eggs. Mow yard on ride on if grass gets too long. Clean yard of dog waste every day. Most importantly take the very best care of my babies. Three of them love fetch so an afternoon play once sun goes down is something they love.

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