Assignment details

Location: Caulfield South 3162

Region: Melbourne

State: Victoria

Duration: 23 days

Dates: 21-Dec-2018 - 12-Jan-2019

Requirements: i have a 12 year old quiet toy poodle who has become diabetic and requires twice daily insulin injections as well as other medication and needs to be fed and given medicine twice daily same time each day - he needs to be walked twice a day and due to his condition he also is slightly incontinent, i have a doggy door in the house - he is used to someone always being at home so i need someone who wouldnt leave him for more then a couple of hours - his diet consists of cooked chicken as well as dog food and salmon so requires the person to buy cooked chicken when i am away - it would be preferable that no small children in the house whilst dog being housesat as he not used to little kids

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