Assignment details

Location: COOKS HILL 2300

Region: Hunter

State: New South Wales

Duration: 21 days

Dates: 20-Dec-2015 - 09-Jan-2016

Requirements: Hi! I'm looking for someone to house-sit over the Christmas period, and care for my pets and plants. The plants are very low-maintenance, just a few pot-plants that need a bit of water every couple of days. I have a cat - a ginger scottish fold called Cicero, very affectionate if a bit yowly, but very cute. I also have a parrot (outside cage) who is hand-reared and very tame, loves to cuddle. Both are relatively low-maintenance also, just need feeding and a bit of attention. They can be left at home alone overnight if necessary - just need to be left enough dry food and water. The house is a little two-storey terrace one street back from Darby St with cafes galore. Courtyard out back, breezy balcony for reading and relaxing. Walking or riding distance to the beach and town centre, two bikes and helmets available for use. Ideal summer beach holiday house!

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