Assignment details

Location: Currency Creek 5214

Region: Outer Adelaide

State: South Australia

Duration: 23 days

Dates: 25-Mar-2020 - 16-Apr-2020

Requirements: There are 2 large gentle dogs. Shammy is 13 and has separation anxiety issues. Blaze is a 7 yr old Koolie. We have 4 horses, a thoroughbred 28 who has a hard feed morning & night & may need rugging if weather is cold. The Appaloosa is 24 & the 2 mini ponies are 26 & 13 yrs old. The 2 ducks are locked in their pen & fed at night but can roam freely during the day. There are 13 sheep to keep an eye on & a few fish in ponds outside to feed daily. We would prefer an experienced couple who are confident around horses & who like big spoilt dogs.

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