Assignment details

Location: Nambour 4560

Region: Sunshine Coast

State: Queensland

Duration: 42 days

Dates: 06-Oct-2018 - 17-Nov-2018

Requirements: I have 3 dogs, a french bulldog, and two shitzu.

I just have some special requirements for the frenchie, he has to be fed alone, as he is food agressive. And he need to aircon on in hot temp, like 26/27 deg or more.

He can be agressive with the other dogs so i need someone who isnt afraid to break up a dog fight. I have on occasion and never been hurt. I have a gated off area of the house just incase he is a problem. In all honesty it prob wont happen, as its only happened a hand ful of times with me.

They also need to be walked at suprise, due to the frenchie overheating.

Hope thats all ok.

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