Assignment details

Location: Glen Waverley 3150

Region: Melbourne

State: Victoria

Duration: 47 days

Dates: 23-May-2019 - 08-Jul-2019

Requirements: This is a 3 bedroom house, it has a garden which does not required much attention beyond ensuring the automatic watering system is operating.

There is an indoor plant room (one of the small bedroom) that requires care, simple instruction but requires daily watering.

We also have 2 cats that required feeding daily and a bearded dragon that requires daily care, you must be willing to handle them and feed them live food like crickets..

If you looking for purely an accomodation that allows you to travel constantly, this is most probably not suitable, otherwise please make contact for further discussion.

Thank you..

Sorry, this assignment has been closed.

Charlie the bearded dragon full of personality.
Spanky - an outdoor cat we adopted.
The plant room.
The back patio for you to relax in.
Aaron, a Scottish fold.